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Smile Brighter and Healthier in this Holidays; Tips & Tricks

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

It’s the most amazing time of the year, but that may not be true to your teeth in case you do not take the right precautions over the holiday season. You could have a cavity-free smile while taking part in festive treats and candies. Comply with our 5-holiday oral health recommendations to make sure your teeth and gums have a holly, jolly excellent-time all season long.

1. Hold on to your everyday dental hygiene routine.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s smooth to get off track in terms of day by day dental hygiene. do not forget to clean teeth regularly and floss at least once per day. In case there's no possibility to keep your oral routine, think about the usage of sugar-free gum that increases the amount of saliva, assists to keep away from horrific breath, and gets rid of meals particles. Don’t forget about your tongue scraper and travel-sized bottles of mouthwash with the American Dental association’s Seal of recognition.

2. Use equipment instead of teeth

Many people often tend to use teeth to perform little jobs like unwrapping, wrapping, unshelling nuts, and opening bottles specifically during the holiday period. make sure that you have the proper tools to perform these jobs. Even though right at that moment it seems that using teeth is an easy choice, overlooking it like your dental health isn't always worth a few saved mins. A variety of nuts are consumed as a traditional holiday treat every winter season. even as walnuts, almonds, pecans, and chestnuts are a healthy alternative to extra-sugary treats, you must not test the strength of your teeth while shelling them. Use suitable nutcrackers to avoid an emergency visit to the dentist. The signs of a cracked tooth can vary, however erratic pain and excessive sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures are common ones. in case you suspect a cracked tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible to avoid additional injury and damage.

3. Avoid hard candy and chewy treats.

just like the usage of your tooth as a nutcracker, you need to keep away from hard candy. besides biting down on the candy and causing damage to your teeth, you may also damage your teeth with the sugary residue this is left by candy canes and other hard candies.

extremely chewy treats, like caramel and gummies, also are famous during the holiday season. Chewy candies and sweets additionally leave a sugary residue that causes damage to the tooth and might lead to tooth decay.

4. Make sure you’ve had your annual dental checkup.

the holiday season means the year is quickly coming to an end- have you ever had your annual dental checkup?

maintain your tooth and oral health in excellent condition with regular professional hygiene visits. this is also the right time to make an appointment regarding any issues you could have about your teeth, gums, throat, cheeks, and tongue.

If you couldn't squeeze an appointment in earlier than the end of the year, begin the year off right with a scheduled hygiene appointment. It’s the right time to schedule a visit for yourself or the entire family.

5. Keep away from staining drinks.

The intake of hot drinks like cider, hot cocoa, eggnog, and gourmet coffees increases with the busier schedules and lower temperatures of the holiday season. However, these tasty drinks can be harmful to your tooth. Even red and white wines and hot or cold teas can cause problems. Those drinks contain tannins, an ingredient that causes color compounds to stick on your teeth and go away with a yellow or brown hue in the back. It most effective takes one cup of one of these beverages in keeping with day to motive stained enamel.

On top of the staining properties of these drinks, they also can leave a sugary residue which could cause teeth erosion. coffee can also motive a bacterial boom to your mouth, which further impacts teeth and teeth erosion. It also causes terrible breath because it sticks on your tongue. It’s best to brush your teeth, scrape your tongue and rinse with an approved mouth wash right away after consuming these beverages.

Follow these five recommendations and your smile will continue to be merry and bright throughout the season. Your holiday pics and selfies with relatives and friends will appear brighter than ever, and your oral health could be in excellent form heading into the new year.

Click the link If you need to schedule an appointment, or give us a call at 510-487-0311. We’d love to find a time that is convenient for you! We offer a wide range of dental services and procedures to care for our patients’ health. From simple cleanings and check-ups to cosmetic and emergency dentistry, you will find the most options in dental maintenance and protection at Dyer Dental Care.

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